Conzelman and Paradise

Been off the bike for a couple weeks. Played concerts in Phoenix and Albuquerque, and came home Monday to catch a nasty stomach virus. So, today was not only the first ride in a couple weeks, but also straight off the couch from being sick. Chandra was feeling good though and we were both Jonesing to get on the ride! So, we climbed Conzelman (fast too!) feeling good and shot video on the descent. It was good, sunny skies, clean, but cool – I got chilled on the descent and, combined with the push to the top, felt pretty lousy. So, decided to go through the tunnel into Sausalito then on the Tiburon and Paradise. I think I was still fighting a fever, so had to keep it a little mellow, but Chandra was the ever-powerful stoker and kept us going. Bailed on Trestle Glen to return. Ended up at about 55 miles over 3.5 hours or so. Feeling good now that we are home.


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