Conzelman – Training

Wow – we had to crank out our 30-mile Conzelman ride in a hurry this morning. Started at 7am. It was beautiful – almost no one out riding, driving, walking, anything. Lots of birds and crisp morning air. It must be all the racing we’ve been watching but we held 25 mph down the Embarcadero (usually more like 21 or 22). Lights cooperated, so we made the entire ride in 2 hours straight up even with a front flat at the north end of the GG bridge. We used a cartridge to change it which cost 6.5 minutes. The best part was we both felt fresh, fast, and our efforts were very well coordinated. Even the descent down Conzelman was faster than usual – we know where we need to brake and where we can push. Fun times! When we both tuck, I swear it’s like a bobsled! I can feel Chandra’s helmet brim in my lower back and we cut a good profile. Anticipation for bigger ride is getting the best of us! Riding across the bridge is emotional sometimes. We did both climbs as visible on the profile. Chandra said today “what good is training if you don’t climb everything you can find?”. True true.
I’m linking to a map with the profile and the route. It’s a little hard to see the blue line, but it’s there – honest! Across the bridge, we take the left route on the way up, and make a sharp right at the bottom, then reversing almost the entire route until close to home. Enjoy!

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