Mt. Tam

What a great tandem ride! Monday was the start of Stage 1 of the Tour of California (I was a volunteer course marshal for the Prologue in San Francisco Sunday) which was from Sausalito to Santa Rosa. We decided to ride Tam nonetheless and took an hour or so break to see the parade laps of the tour through Sausalito. The crowd was big, people were psyched, and it was a cold but beautiful day. Chandra was totally cracking me up dropping lines from American Flyers as we were around the race – my favorite was “Enough of this Sunday Stroll – let’s reel them in!”


After getting a little lost 🙂 we wound our way through the neighborhoods up to Sequoia Valley road and on up to Panoramic Highway. I often forget how totally beautiful it is up on Mt. Tam. The ride was smooth and reasonably fast. The sun was warm, but the wind definitely made it feel cold. There were even a few tiny patches of snow left from the recent dusting the Bay Area got last week. We rested at the summit, chatting with a nice older guy from Half Moon Bay who had also ridden (Talula is such a novelty – riders always want to chat about her!). Talked longer than we maybe wanted to, but it was pleasant and the descent was awesome! We took Highway 1 down instead of the neighborhoods and were riding right up on the cars. The street had been totally swept clean for the race so it was great riding – not a stick or pebble in sight. Coming back through Sausalito, Chandra was Les Hungry(!) so we got a panini and coffe at Cafe Trieste surrounded by the usual Marin County road biker scene. I will post some photos in the next day or two. In the end, we rode about 60 miles and took a good part of the day to do it (only 3 or 4 hours in the saddle though). We’ve ridden faster, but it was rockin’! Good training ride!


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