Skeggs – a mini-epic

This was the first time we got on our mountain bikes together in a long time. Conditions were pretty muddy and seasonal trail closures in effect so we didn’t ride our usual way. We went down El Corte Madera Creek, up Resolution , Down Manzanita, then on down down down the Timberview trail fireroad. Shouldn’t have watched Olympic downhill the night before – couldn’t seem to keep my wheels on the ground over the bumps, fast turns and very steep drops. Dropped into a muddy section toward Lawrence Creek bridge and then a long climb up Lawrence Creek (not as steep as the descent thankfully) up to Blue Blossom. This section of singletrack was perfect Skeggs conditions and a good on-site for Chandra. Beautiful and worth the effort to get to it we thought – until traversing along Spring Board. At the junction with Steam Donkey Trail, the trail looked vertical! I plowed up for a while then nailed my already tender calf with a pedal and got a sort of Charlie Horse. Chandra lost her psychedness and it was not a very fun push up this trail. Finally we found ourselves on Skyline covered in mud, bikes and legs screaming. Only 13 or 14 miles, but so much climbing. “Excursion around the Bay” style. It was a good epic, but not so sure about Steam Donkey in the future!

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  1. Sorry about the delayed reply! The tree is at Henry Coe park (our favorite mountain biking place in CA) and we exchanged our new rings under it on New Years Eve this year. The blob at the top is Mistletoe 🙂

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