Paradise Loop

This weekend neither of us was particularly psyched for riding Sunday. I had all-day rehearsal Saturday and was pretty beat and had lots of work to do. Both of us were a little sore. But, we decided to crank out a loop of Paradise on the Tiburon Peninsula nonetheless. It’s just over 50 miles, pretty flat – kind of a preview of what we hope to find in Wisconsin. Gently rolling hills winding through trees. We ended up moving pretty well. Some trouble with the derailleurs and the chain jumping off big in the back into the spokes, but generally was not too big of a problem. Only bummer was, when Chandra was pulling the chain out of the spokes and I was holding up the bike, I accidentally rolled it back an inch which pinched her finger between sproket and chain. OUCH! It’s one thing to do it to yourself (as I have several times before) but I felt terrible doing it to her! Amazingly, it didn’t bruise or break the skin, but it hurt tons. We kept moving though and didn’t take many breaks as we pushed through.

One cool thing I noticed was how coordinated our efforts have become. One skill we unconciously cultivated that will probably not serve us all that much on the big ride was that when we are behind a slower bike and get ready to pass them, Chandra can’t see oncoming bike traffic, so she knows we are slowed up and has to wait to turn on the afterburner until I see a gap in traffic. At this point, all I do is lean slightly with my left shoulder and she turns it on before I even pedal harder and we get around the slower ones quickly. This kind of connection is part of the total joy of tandem riding! It was a good ride – didn’t set any records, but it felt good to be out, it’s a beautiful ride, and we got a nice sunny hole in the rain/sleet of the past few weeks. I’m glad we did because it’s raining today!

Oh – and here’s a link to the map with profile.

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