Taiko Commute – March 30

So here goes my first attempt to update the blog using email only from the Palm – I hope it works because this is how it will go on the road!
Pretty uneventful taiko commute the usual 20 miles, the usual hour twenty or so. Stopped in for tubes at the Outfitter. Wasn’t particularly psyched to be riding. Missing having more gears, missing stoker. It was ok though. Got a little saddle sore from wearing old shorts on the century last Sunday which was annoying. I just talked to Ibex though, and they are hooking me up with two new pairs of road shorts to replace mine with their blown out chamois. They should be enough to get us to Wisco!!
Back to the ride – it was clear starting out, listened to Carbon Leaf (droneful, a little like NPR I suppose).  By the time I reached the studio in San Jose, it was pouring out!  Cold, driving rain.  There have been only a few rainless days this month – we’ve been lucky enough to ride on most of them.
The route now is so famililar – even not feeling totally stoked and energetic, I found my legs just moving on their own. The training has been working! Now I need to get to work and post this thing. Chandra is sick today, so don’t know how much we will ride this weekend. Hmmmmm.

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