Tunitas Century

This may have been our last local century ride before the big ride! Sunday the 26th we rode down over San Bruno, over Skyline, down to Pacifica, to Pescadero via 1, and back up the Old Stage Road to Tunitas and up and over via Crystal Springs. Total Mileage was 110 with between 9,000 and 10,000 feet of climbing! Here’s the map and profile. The route from home in the north is on the east side of the map, then past Pacifica it is on the west side.

The ride was really good! We were quieter than sometimes before, but not for any reason other than just enjoying the ride and focusing on our contributions to the progress. We battled headwinds for quite a while – a forestaste of the Oregon Coast I suppose! Here’s a photo of the shoulder (or lack of one) going south from Pacifica on 1 up to Devil’s Slide.DSC01726.JPG

The main bummer was flats. We had three! The first one was on the way down Devil’s Slide. Here’s a picture of where we pulled off:

Not the most ideal place for a patch job, but it was all right. Chandra got the patching scene dialed in, so I think it will be her job on the big ride! Soon after Montara, still on Highway 1, we got another flat. It seems our front tire was cashed, so we replaced it with the spare. On our THIRD flat of the day, a nice guy from Portland was driving by and had a floor pump in his car. He let us use it for the quick fill. Very kind!

Pescadero was our destination in part because we wanted to add enough miles to make this a true century (last time it was about 92 miles) and also for the artichoke/garlic bread. nice nice. We got a sandwich, some bread, took a little break there with the myriad other bikers having the same idea then moved on up the old stage road. The bigger climbs of the day went by in a bit of a blur. I don’t remember all that many details – just a smooth steady push. It felt good – almost removed. My knee started to really hurt on Skyline on the return. I was fully ready to get off the bike when we arrived home. Would I have been psyched to get on the next morning? Hard to say – I certainly could. I really don’t know how many days on the big ride will be this strenuous. Maybe more miles sometimes, maybe more climbing sometimes, but probably not both.

So physically, emotionally, and logistically, I feel ready to go. This next month will be alot of anticipation, some final preparations, cranking on the Ph.D. to leave it in a good place for returning to, and I am really looking forward to being a few days into the ride.

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