April 6 – Commuting

Once again someone jumped in front of the train this morning so I had to ride from Redwood City, adding 6 miles to the total for the day. It was a great break from the rain today though, and the new legwarmers were comfortable.
Tried a different route to the studio. Boring to remain on Foothill for a few extra miles, but overall it’s a much nicer ride! No El Camino means relaxig in comparison. I took Foothill to Homestead, then Wolfe to Pruneridge which becomes Hedding. In addition to BMWs feeling like they have the right of way, Mercedes SUVs are free to concenrate on phone calls over bikes! I was nearly run off the road despite there being 4 lanes and not another car in site! I tried to catch the lady and tell her how I felt about her cellphone call, but couldn’t quite make it (almost).
I’m for sure sticking with this route though. The lights are shorter and fewer, I was more motivated, and so fewer cars. Kind. Made it in just over 1’15” and never had to put my foot on the ground! Good times.

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