Blue Light – April 24

The transition entered a new phase this weekend. We didn’t ride, but I played my last Spring “Rhythm Spirit” Concert with San Jose Taiko. The show was an exploration of and tribute to our connections, as a group, with San Jose Japantown. It made me really reflect what I’ve been doing and part of all this time over the past nearly 9 years. It also forced me to confront what we are leaving by moving east. With the emotion, some tears, and some serious rocking out onstage, I also felt optimism about the next phase. This would not be possible without the large bike ride to focus our attention on. In our shows, we use blue light in the transitions between songs to light the stage enough for us to move drums around, but to mask us from the audience. I feel like we ar embarking out into the blue light, crossing the continent, getting ready for the next part. Onstage, the blue light signals anticipation, preparation, movement, excitement. These are what I feel about the ride too.
Wisa’s mom and dad, in what has become a tradition for San Jose Taiko, came from Maui to help us celebrate the concerts with a luau! Such good food and company. Thee guys gave Chandra and I yellow jerseys for “le Tour de Mike”. The rest of the group got blue ones, and they list some of the memorable tour dates I have played around the US and in Torino. So many stories! Maybe I will have to relate some of them as the trip progresses.

PJ and Roy gave all of us in the group a talisman for good luck in the concerts. I kept mine in the dressing room throughout the shows, but now it is on the handlebars of Talula – to give us good luck on the journey ahead. It’s time to take the experiences of 11 years in the Bay Area and bring the enrichment along with us to our new life on the plains.
Bring it!

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