Final Taiko Commute! – April 27

Last night was the last time I will make the taiko commute from Stanford to Japantown before starting the big ride! It was pretty uneventful a ride. Stopped by the Bicycle Outfitter and picked up the last gear needs – brake pads and a spare seat bolt. Got the chance to thank Mark for all his help getting us onto a good tandem and riding. We had a runthrough for the Ordway and Hartford concerts that we are playing this weekend and next. We might sell out the Ordway – getting close. Would be very cool! In any case, it’s going to be a great show – a fitting farewell to eight and a half years of playing taiko with San Jose Taiko. Tying up some loose ends with school and then ready to go! Won’t be posting much from the tour (this is a biking blog 🙂 ). But, we will be on the road starting May 9! I will get some more maps up as well.

Fun times!

2 thoughts on “Final Taiko Commute! – April 27

  1. Good luck, Mike & Chandra. Only a few more days before you leave! We can’t wait to follow your adventure. Thanks for making the time to visit us before your trip. The taiko was awesome…

  2. Thanks for being there at the shows and for all the support. Hartford is finished, so ready to hit the road!!!

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