Headlands Mountain Biking with Joy!

We got to have a killer short Easter afternoon ride in the Headlands yesterday. We’ve been so focused on training on talula the tandem we hardly touch our mountain bikes. It felt great! Joy called after church around 3:30 saying it was raining in the Haight and asked if we cared. We just had to get out, so we went for it. It was totally pouring all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge, but looking over into Marin the sun was shining! I zipped ahead to take some action photos of TeamLadyInRed. Here’s a couple of the best ones, the rest are in the album (click one to get there):


Very fun, muddy and wet ride! I think this is about the fifth time I’ve ridden these trails on Easter, just by chance. Beautiful! After the party the night before we threw and a little nomasugita (if you don’t speak Japanese, think “imbibing with a little too much verve”) the only that felt good was riding! We took the tandem out to breakfast, but that was only a tease. Needed to get muddy! The views were awesome, but as you can see in the photos, the clouds were building throughout the ride and we knew the rain would really start. Sure enough, right on the last section, it started


But that’s cool. Too much fun anyway. We’re gonna miss Joy and these rides!

DSC01777.JPG DSC01778.JPG

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