Taiko Commute and Preparations – April 13

Took the new route totaiko again – along Pruneridge. The unfamiliar yellow orb of the sun was in the sky! Amazing. It was the first time in weeks that I rode without at least armwarmers and vest. The beautiful weather brought out lots of nice bikerpeoples. I hitched a ride on the wheel of a guy on a TT bike for a while – until we started going downhill and he kept pedalling so there was no way to keep up! I also tend to ride the whole ride faster when there are people to try and catch or stay in front of. It’s very casual -not really competative – but it keeps me going.
I’ve barely been on the bike in a week since I had rehearsals all last weekend and either Chandra or I have been sick. Several people in taiko got hit with something – a bullet that I barely dodged by sleeping extra this week.
So right now I am riding on the CalTrain baby bullet down to Stanford. This is the usual drill. Ride the train from San Francisco to Stanford to work all day, then on Tues, Thurs, and Fri. I ride to taiko from Stanford. Then Britt lives just up the street from us and also plays in San Jose Taiko with me, so I put my bike in her car and get a ride home. We’re just passing San Bruno mountain whic is shrouded in whispy clouds. Very pretty, but it looks like the beautiful break from the rain yesterday will be short-lived. At least I’ve had the chance to test out raingear!!
Getting ready for the epic ride, I took Talula (the tandem) in to the Bicycle Outfitter (where we bought her) and had her looked over (like the hubs and bottom brackets in particular) to make sure she’s ready for the ride. Wisco did an awesome job moving the flight deck to the side to make room for the Jandd bar bag. The bag is great, but it has a kind of hoopdy mounting that takes up tons of room. Wisco ended up moving the flight deck to the right and, while I thought we would sacrifice use of the left button (no big thing really) in fact, he moved the button the the right bar, mounting it beneath the bar right of the flight deck with electricaltape. Sweet! We will have both buttons after all. He also discussed spare parts and all with me which was helpful inclding the list he gives out at touring clinics. My list was already pretty on track, but he had some useful additions and it was helpful to get the lowdown. Dave, the manager there, was also extremly helpful giving us some contact info for folks along the way that might be helpful. He also said they will ship stuff to us if we get in a bind. Nice to know a good sop has our back. Last time a had parts trouble mountain biking in Flagstaff, both the local shop and the manufacturer went to great lengths to get me riding again. Community. That’s what I’m talking about. It’s coming together!

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