Taiko Commute – April 4 … Cubits?

It is positively Noachian around here. Raining almost 30 days with very few respites. I got wet getting to the train in the morning, although it was pretty clear going to the studio in the evening. Someone said something about it being like Seattle on the train and another guy said “Seattle is dry by now!”
It’s good testing for raingear though, with pretty much the conclusion being feet will get wet. I wore rain pants, boot covers and jacket riding south and mostly got wet from condensation. I decided, based on the way my shorts wear out and looking at the way my pants ride, that my right leg is shorter than my left. I’m thinking of putting an insert in my shoe to help even out wear on my back and shorts. Not sure it will make a difference but …
I think Thursday I will change my route a bit – getting tired of battling El Camino, and been riding the same old for so long.
Only other issue was a tire bulge that made a bumping every revolution. I think I made a bad patch on the front last time. I looked at it when I arrived at the studio to see if there really was a bulge and it was there. After rehearsal, it was flat! Very strange. I will just replace the tube and hope for the best. The sun is out right now – I wish I could go riding instead of working!

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