Day 1! San Francisco to Santa Rosa – May 9

San Francisco to Santa Rosa. Daily miles, 72. total miles, 72.

We are finally underway! By the good grace of Sterling who took care of myriad undone tasks related to leaving the 460 house to be sold, we left! The three of us had a nice breakfast at Sally’s then we went home and packed, took a couple pictures at the 460 and were riding a little before 11 am.


Right out of the gate, we started down the hill and in the first 5 meters I totally lost control of the bike in a wild fishtail and we nearly ate it within sight of our origin! Ridiculous! It just took a little reconnection with talulat and dealing with the heavy load on the panniers and trailer and then we were able to wrangle the bike and start keeping it in a straight line. I was really worried this would mean a much slower top speed than before, or that something was wrong with the trailer, but it just turned out to be the need to get accustomed to the loaded bike’s dynamics.

Son on we went, crossing the Golden Gate bridge for the last time!


We rode through Larkspur and had a panini at Emporio. met a nice Tiburon couple who recommended the movie “No sleep until Madison”. Everyone wants to talk about the bike – we are a long freight-train-looking rig obviously going for a ways! The guy at the Sports Basement where we grabbed some Vitamin Water mentioned a bagel place in Eureka on Main Street that has the world’s best Mexican hot chocolate. Everyone asks where we are going and when we say “Wiscnsoin” they freak out! A couple mountain bikers in Fairfax walked up and just said “Wow – you guys are doing it!” At the mention of Wisconsin eyes light up and everyone seems stoked to hear of it.

Out of the Ross Valley, we went through Nicasio to the Rouge et Noir Marin Cheese Factory. Had some kickass goat brie we bought for dinner. at the turnoff with Novato road, we realized we were finally riding someplace we had never been before. Awesome. The big challenges of the day were being tired (nemui, not scareta) from lack of sleep and controlling the loaded bike. Also calorie management. It’s hard to eat enough and uphills bring on the bonk! We’ll sort it out though and the banana bread, brownie, and ice coffee in Petaluma helped.

So dinner tonight was rasta pasta with canned tomatoes, dry pan roasted walnuts, brocoli, and cheddar spiced with cayenne, parprika, a shallot, and dried garlic. Wine parining was a $6 Big House Red and the whole thing kicked off with the goat brie. We are still totally in the Bay Area here in Santa Rosa. Camping in the secluded Sprink Lake park. Nice. the tent is famililar and for a couple months will be home! It still feels surreal, like a long weekend trip or something. That is all about to change and, as Cary suggested, we will soak it in! Happy to have had sponge bath and big eat. Now time for big sleep….

5 thoughts on “Day 1! San Francisco to Santa Rosa – May 9

  1. M & C I am in and can speak now. I haave found my voice, so be careful you both. What a start!! Thanks for making it possible for us to travel with you-so to speak. I get a little hungry reading about your day and have to remind myself that I am not using up the same calories as you two are, but It still makes me hungry. I look forward to hearing from you both again Stay Safe and Be Careful Love MG

  2. Yahoo!!! Great to hear that The Journey has begun, and you’re on the road. I’m already enjoying the trip vicariously through your postings – looking forward to hearing more. Have fun, travel safe, and eat well!

    Cheers, Stewart

    btw – nice shirts! 😛

  3. OK, OK…I see we will need three more threads…
    Great Places to eat on the road [and rotten ones to avoid]
    The next General Delivery Station that you expect to get mail
    Wild life and local color
    Not to mention the routine reports on environmental conditions-
    temp, cloud cover, wind, semi trucks, and other.

    Thomas, Dan Clara and I are think ing of you with open hearts.

  4. Hey, It’s George and Malissa from West Virginia. We’re following your exploits and wishing you the best! Hope your weather is good and the road is smooth!

  5. Hey Team! Sounds like your travels will be fun filled and exciting. I am so glad we will be able to share this adventure with you and know you are safe.

    Send me the locations and dates you would like to receive delicious packages on the road. We are ready to serve you.

    Love JDMT

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