Day 12 – REST DAY! – Salem, OR – May 20

Daily Miles – 0. Total miles – 780.
Really not much to say about today except that we caught up on email, ate good food – Lori recommended Boons Treasury which had great beer and food, and HUGE Dessert at Gerry Frank’s Konditerei.

IMG_0127.jpg IMG_0128.jpg
You gotta love a place with a sign advertising “Extravagant Cakes”. Even better when you’ve ridden enough to earn a big one!
The biggest news may be that we didn’t look at the bike for 24 hours! We walked everywhere we needed to go and generally chilled out. There are few days we ever get to spend that are so totally mellow. We soaked it up, enjoyed face-to-face time and got ready for the short push up to Portland.

I wasn’t sure how best to get out of town and was a little nervous about that – we got on a three-lane each way highway bridge by accident getting into town and had no desire fo a repeat of that! So, when we stopped for an afternoon coffee, we asked some folks wearing cycling gear if they could recommend a good route into Portland. One of them handed me his cue sheet – they were on a 200K ride that had started near Portland! – and we would be able to follow his directions! So easy. Sometimes things just fall into place.

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