Day 13 – Salem, OR to Portland, OR – May 21

Daily miles – 67. Total miles – 847.
We had an AWESOME breakfast at Busick Court (thanks again Lori!!) – salmon hash, halibut, crab, and potatoes. Good energy for a riding day.

The route we got from the coffee shop folks in Salem ended up being gorgeous! Quite flat, tailwinds, and all little country roads avoiding the loud, busy highways. It was probably the easiest 67 miles we’ve ever ridden with the tandem! There were these crazy vine farms we were debating what they were growing. Maybe peas? Very tall like telephone poles all over the field supporting an overhead mesh with vines growing on cables above it. Hopefully someone can tell us what they were.  (Update:  They are apparently hops.  Cool.)
are these peas?  between Salem and Portland, Oregon
We arrived in Portland in the early afternoon hoping to get a Pearl Bakery croissant. Didn’t make it in time for that, but we did poke around the Pearl district a little and get oriented to the city. Mich left her apartment key for us with a Portland Taiko member who works near her place. As we were riding there, we started to hear serious thunder and then got drenched in the first real downpour of the trip! We had to put out the tarp on Mich’s kitchen floor for all our wet stuff and the dripping bike. We managed to contain everything and baked fish and veggies in her oven. It was nice to have another relaxing and quiet evening. Played a game of cribbage in which Chandra destroyed me!

Tomorrow is our last rest/logistics day for a few and while I wouldn’t say I’m itching to ride, I’m looking forward to getting back on the road. It will be fun to hang with Michelle for a day though, and we handle a bunch of chores that need attending to. Portland is the last major city we will be in on this trip! I’m really looking forward to the rural areas, but plan to take full advantage of what Portland has to offer tomorrow!

One thought on “Day 13 – Salem, OR to Portland, OR – May 21

  1. What a ride! We miss you big time. Clara’s class performed the end of year play today, ” The Broom and the Rag Doll Wedding”, where Clara was cast as a rock and roller in the tin pan banger band. So cute. I have pictures to share.

    Talk about more Drama, with a capital D, at the school. I am looking forward to summer. The kids are doing well, and want you to know we are thinking about you often. We worry about your bike tires and the sun burn you must be getting. Are you seeing wild life? Can you write more about your thoughts, feelings, in addition to the challenges and milestones along the road? The bumps and grinds of travel are distracting, but for us that have been left in our static routine, share the feelings of liberation, of change and glory of mornings in a new bed every morning.

    Oh, we love you. and miss you. Hugs and kisses: halula jacksons.

    ps, keep clear of semi trucks and railroad tracks.
    pss, what is your next serious general delivery target?

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