Day 3 – Cloverdale to McKerricher State Beach (Fort Bragg) – May 11

Daily miles – 88. Total miles – 202

After a lovely breakfast with Bill and Ginny (she made us eggs since we will be eating a lot of oatmeal on the road), we hit the road around 9AM. Right on schedule. Although the miles were many, there was really one one major hill today, climbing out of Cloverdale toward the coast. A couple of miles past the turn off for Hightway 128, we spotted a familar face in a silver car behind us. Sure enough, I’d left something at Bill and Ginny’s and she was chasing us down to give it to me. For those of you who haven’t met Bill and Ginny, they are two of the best, coolest people on the planet.

With Uncle Bill and Aunt Ginny in Cloverdale, CA

After we got over the hill, we simply headed towards the coast. We jackrabbited a couple of times with an older French guy who was biking from Panama to Vancouver. He was traveling very light, not going too fast, but biking long miles all by himself on a six month trip. Clearly a character . . . But then again, Mike and I are also on our way to becoming characters as well! We grabbed sandwiches for lunch in Boonville where Mike had the “inspiration” to order vegie and cheese sandwiches with horseradish mustard AND cranberry sauce. Strange combination, but it goes to prove that I will eat almost anything when biking far. We rode through the redwoods for a couple hours before hitting the coast and turning north straight into the infamous headwind. It was a little rough getting up to Mendocino and finally Fort Bragg, but all in all, not too hard a day. We feel good and our legs are stronger than we thought they might be after several days of riding.

For me, and I think for Mike too, the trip is really starting to feel like a trip. We have left behind the roads, towns, friends and family that we know, and are not striking out into new territory. Plus, the reality of San Francisco is fading into memory, while the road and the bike are becoming reality. Life is pretty simple out here: bike, forage, talk, peddle, sweat, hydrate, set up camp, cook, eat, clean up and sleep. Speaking of sleep, it sounds like Mike has beat me to it, so I will sign off and write more soon.

First view of Pacific since Golden Gate.  Mendocino, CAClimbing 128 toward Mendocino Coast, CA

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