Day 5 – Richardson Memorial Grove, CA to Arcata, CA – May 12

Daily miles – 96. Total miles – 355.
Got an earlier start this morning – left Richardson Grove around 8:30. We wanted to make Arcata by 6 pm to get to the Adventure’s Edge bike shop for the cassette and chain. After a couple climbs early on, we bailed off the 101 (a relief for sure) to cruise down the Avenue of the Giants. A beautiful road lined by redwoods and mostly downhill for about 30 miles, we made great time and enjoyed the cool shady riding all along the way. The Eel river, which makes a massive valley through the mountains. It looks like Reggae on the River or another big Reggae festival goes on up there.
Avenue of the Giants, CA

Near the northern end of Avenue of the Giants, we encountered a bunch of folks on a century an metric century ride called Tour of the Unknown Coast. We followed their route back onto 101 for a bit but then it broke off into a surreal landscape of flat farmland that felt more like Wisconsin or Minnesota than California.

Eureka Cows, CA

After a couple short, steep climbs, we enjoyed the flats and encountered our first real taste of serious headwind. It slowed us down a bit, but felt OK.

We stopped at a market for some coffee and a cookie and to rest the lower quarters a bit . . . Ran into a nice Harley rider who gave us good beta on how to get through Eureka on side roads. We followed his good directions and made the slow, tiresome slog up to Arcata. Found the bike shop easily and they had the parts with a note attached saying “For Mike Fienen – on tour from SF – needs this BAD!” Had to drop $100 for the parts, but will enable us to get far again! Tomorrow I will fix the bike, we’ll rest, and make our way north a little. Tonight it is Mexican food, beer, plenty of hot showers and a soft bed. We’ve strewn the bike and gear all over the hotel room and generally ae just lazing. Happy to be here and looking forward to our first rest day tomorrow.

mmmm beer mmmm bEER!

5 thoughts on “Day 5 – Richardson Memorial Grove, CA to Arcata, CA – May 12

  1. Love reading your updates! Let us know if you’ll be needing anything from San Jose…cookies, tofu, Tar-Tar…


  2. Wow! You are doing it! Finally catching up and read through it all. Fantastic!! “Basil” and I are thinking of you; we picked up a green and a pink monkey tonight at Lingba. Will send later. Stay safe. Send general mail address. Do your speed squats before going to bed on your days off–ha!

  3. Happy to hear this is going well so far. I will pour some bourbon to the kami tonight. Oddly, they drink bourbon here in KY, go figure….

    Ganbatte, faito faito!!!

  4. hey yawl! following your movements from the far east… keep the stories coming, i’m thoroughly enjoying myself vicariously. stay safe and best of luck.

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