Day 6 – REST DAY! Arcata, CA to Patrick’s Point, CA – May 14

Daily miles – 27. Total miles – 382.
Today was our rest day. I’ve always known the importance of rest days when climbing or on other expedition type trips, but I rarely am out long enough to really warrant one. This one was warranted! We woke up late, fixed the cassette and chain with the parts from Adventure’s Edge. The repair was easy – cleaning up the hotel room sink was not easy. Luckily, Chandra managed to get it presentable – we make no claims about the towel . . .

Went to the shop and they were kind enough to let us use their degreaser and a bench to dial everything in. They were also kind enough to let us leave our bike in their back lot while we wandered around town – thanks Brian and Rocky! Had a killer very California brunch at Golden Harvest – highly recommended! Huge portions, decent coffee, and carnivore/veggie options on almost everything. With full bellies, we went on a futile quest for a computer to upload our photos. While we did not find one, we did find a wifi cafe and could at least handle some other online logistics. Weather reports look good all the way up the coast! Very lucky – we’ll see if it holds.

Finally, we hit up a co-op market and hooked up some garlic cheese and cheese curds from the Loleta creamery (we rode through Loleta yesterday) and other groceries including organic fresh veggies and headed north to Patrick’s Point state park for the night. It was only 16 miles, but the other 11 came from going back into town, wandering, etc. Got our first flat – well, two actually. The first was I dinged a valve in the room trying to top off the rear tire (doh!) but the second was hitting some glass or a sharp rock. Discovered that the Performance patch kits I brought are totally useless! Also, the hole in the tire appears to be a gift that may keep on giving. We’ll see – was just a bummer to deal with the tire on the side of 101 when we really wanted to make dinner and chill some more. We got there before dark still, had a beer and some good eats and ready for big sleep. I got to see the sunset, but we only got to smooch in front of the camera image of it – Chandra was cooking at the time.  *sigh*  Long day tomorrow. Fun times!

Patricks Point Sunset, CA

2 thoughts on “Day 6 – REST DAY! Arcata, CA to Patrick’s Point, CA – May 14

  1. Mr. Tuffy liners are the key. I think of you two every day on my 2.1 mile ride to work. Which has 11 stop lights. (Had to kick a cab today for cutting me off.) I dunno if I’m in shape to join you two maniacs for any stage of this, but I think I could stomach a rest day or two. Buena suerte with the bike, and if the wobbles are too much you might want to try snugging up the headset bearing a tad.

  2. You guys biked 27 miles on your “rest” day. Too funny! It’s raining here in the East Bay — sending you good vibes for nice weather. 🙂

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