Day 8 – Harris Beach, Brookings, OR to Bullards Beach, Bandon, OR – May 16

Daily miles – 87. Total miles – 557.

Today started out as our first day in Oregon, very slowly. We saw there was wifi at the rest stop accross the street from the campground, so we uploaded several days’ worth of postings. We also caught up with some phone messages and made a few phone calls (congrats Katrina and Matt!!!). We debated going the couple miles back into Brookings to a bike shop for some tubes and patch stuffs, but decided we had enough equipment and faith in our tire-patching approach to make it to Bandon. So, at the crack of 11 am, we finally hit the road. The riding started out with a climb and we got to Gold Beach in time for a late lunch. This was all cool – had nice sandwiches and even bought groceries for the evening in Gold Beach, but, we didn’t leave there until 2:30! Also, when we came down from the climb, we were greeted with the headwind we had been wondering about having not encountered too much yet.

beach north of Brookings, OR
The wind definitely slowed us down some, but was not a huge issue nonetheless. The bigger issue was that we had only gone about 25 miles, leaving 60 to go before dark. We’ve been trying to get a substantial break around 40 miles to split the day roughly in half. Today though, we had to make a 60 mile push without many breaks. It was rough! We both felt it in our legs but more so our butts. We got some short breaks off the saddle, but mostly kept on keeping on. The hardest part was turning the corner after Humbug Mountain into Port Orsford. Everything in Port Oroford in named after the wind. Windy Lane, ‘Neath the Wind Realty, Cut-n-Windy Blow. I thought – whatev, more hype about the wind. Besides, on the map, it looked like we were heading a bit inland, even though due north, so as a good scientist, I reasoned that it would be nice and calm. As many theories go, it was a good one. As many theories go, is didn’t pan out quite right in reality. Rather than calm, imagine riding around the corner in a small town, and hitting a brick wall that is moving toward you very fast! There was high school kids running about with coiffures styled by the wind, that made big 80s hair look mellow. What this really meant for us, was more buckling down, grinding out slow miles, and persevering. It gave us the opportunity to have some great conversation, to struggle together, and we reminded ourselves that, while it was hard, it was what we were seeking, and the only real ramification was eating a bit late and nt having much daylight in camp. Not such a big deal in the end.
We made the most kickass gadogado this side of Jakarta and ate it on some good whole wheat pasta from Italia. Yums. Our bellies stoked, we were ready to crash, and try to get an earlier start for a slightly shorter day tomorrow. Francesca, the patron saint of inflated innertubes was kind. We thank her and offer our humble offerings.

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  1. hey m&c — here are a couple more saints for your travels: Madonna del Ghisallo, patroness of local travellers, and in more recent times cyclists; and Saint Christopher (aka Offero), patron of things related to travel, travelers, and people who carry things. take good care and travel safely. namanda …

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