Last Taiko Tour Finished – Time to Ride!

It’s been an exciting journey, an emotional roller coaster, and a great time! We played a nearly sold-out concert at the Ordway in St. Paul and many friends and family travelled from all over the midwest and even NC (thanks Brady!) to be at the show. It was overwhelming to play in this place that I thought of as Carnegie Hall as a kid. We also played four school shows (nearly 7,000 kids in all!), did two workshops for local taiko groups, and still managed to get plenty of beer and pub food :). Drove to Hartford, Wisconsin then. It was a much smaller theater, but nice. Got a good response from two school shows and a public Master class. Concert last night was good. A couple folks were battling the flu but we played well. Again, many family members were there which made it a bittersweet end to this phase of my life/music career.

Tonight we fly home to San Francisco, and Chandra and I are planning to start riding on Tuesday! I’m trying to embed maps on the blog now using Google maps – I hope it works!

More to say soon…..

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