May 8 – Last Post from Home

This is it! I am printing out some maps, packing a few last-minute things, and we are planning to go in the morning! The house is close to ready – Sterling is doing battle to help finalize the moving out – and we are going to really do it!

I’m so tired from tour and a frantic day of packing, running everything over to storage, meeting with a real estate agent, and Chandra has been maintaining this pace for a week while I finished tour. insane. I wish I could get all introspective and say something of substance as we prepare to leave, but I just know I have a belly full of Goat Hill Pizza, spent a nice evening reminsincing with Chandra and Sterling about the 5 year run of the 460, and just focusing on logistics. Tomorrow morning, last breakfast at Sally’s. Going!

In the instanity of the day, I even managed to forget to call my Mom on her birthday. Sorry Mom! When you read this, know I was thinking about you even though I didn’t connect the dots until it was too late to call.

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