Day 19-Rest Day in Lewiston, ID, May 27 “Baseball Instead Of Biking”

Daily Miles, 0 Total Miles, 1300
(By Chandra)

We learned that the NAIA World Series Baseball Championships were being held in Lewiston over the Memorial Day Weekend and week thereafter, so we decided to tag along with Jerome to the games. After a wonderful breakfast–Jerome makes the most wonderful omelets, filled with everything one could desire and, if one is lucky, fresh eggs from their three hens–we headed into town. We stopped by Huckleberries (a local grocery store) as well as Hay’s Produce (where we found the most wonderful locally produced Blackberry jam that is a perfect companion for MaraNartha peanut butter) for supplies (cash and beer) and headed to the games.

Lewiston Baseball NAIA World Series

We bought general admission tickets, but were lucky enough to run into Jerome’s friends, Jay (another Fish and Game guy) and Dave (an ER doctor), who had reserved seats that we could scam for the day. We saw the local team Lewis-Clark State College (“LC”) handily beat St. Xavier, which was necessary for them to avoid being ousted in the first round of double elimination baseball. Between games, we headed out the parking lot for the refreshments that Jerome had conveniently stowed in the trunk of the car. Refreshed, we headed back for a second game between Univ. of British Columbia (“UBC”) against Bellevue. In the fifth inning, with UBC well ahead and playing aggressive baseball, we decided to head over to Dave’s house for a second round of beer and to pick up his fiancee Betty.

Dave and Betty, Jay and Jerome are members of the local Beer Club and are home brewers, so we were looking forward to some home brewed beer. We were instructed to grab glasses from the kitchen and go downstairs to the “beer fridge.” Both Mike and I expected that the “beer fridge” would be filled with bottles of Dave’s home brewed beer, but it was so much cooler than that–the “beer fridge” is avocado green and has four taps in its door attached to four different kinds of Dave’s home brew (see picture). How cool is that? For Christmas, Judy (Mike’s mom) bought David (Mike’s dad) a home brewing kit. It was such a good idea that I scammed the idea, and we bought a second kit for my dad. So, we were throughly interested in these guys’ Beer Club, but now we know that the ultimate is to not only brew good and tasty beer, but to have a tapped “beer fridge” complete with magnets with the beer type on it. They told us that their Beer Club has an annual Octoberfest complete with brats from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and homemade applesauce. The brats are $15, but the beer is free. Cool.

DaveDave and his Homebrew Beer Fridge, Lewiston Idaho

It was really nice to simply hang out and meet new people who were loving life and doing interesting things. Too often we live such insulated and insular lives, filled with work, family and friends, that we are not open to new experiences and new people . . . particularly strangers who are temporarily passing through. But the Hansens bucked the normal–the risk of the unknown–and we were the lucky beneficiaries. Thanks Hansens. You are the heros of the week. We hope to stay in touch and maybe, one day, we will be able to return the favor.

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  1. I never heard of a beer fridge like this before. In preparation for making my own beer from the kit I am diligently working on obtaining the bottles….namely 16 oz Grolsch which have their own self-sealing caps. Hard work creating these empties for re-use, but, hey, I’m willing to sacrifice for art.

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