Day 29: Tessa Kate!! — Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park, MT to Bozeman, MT – June 6

Daily miles 56. Total miles 1689.
Today was a vey short, mellow day. We knew it would be flat and short into Bozeman to meet up with our friend Abbie who went to law school with Chandra. The riding was easy and there’s not much to say about it. We avoided the Interstate entirely by riding on prallel access roads and even a bike path for a little while. We passed very close to the headwaters of the Missouri River. When we crossed the Boulder River, which feeds into the Missouri, we departed from the path of Lewis and Clark. Ever since Portland, our path has generally paralleled their journey. Now, we are really on our own path once again.

We stopped for lunch in Manhatten, MT and found a nice little park by the railroad to have a picnic of sardines, cheese, and crackers and got cell phone reception for the first time in a few days. I checked my message and heard from Brady that he is a father!! The due date was right around now and I Had a feeling his daughter would be born a couple days ago. Lucia and Tessa Kate Robinson are healthy, happy, and their family has just grown! It’s so exciting, and was awesome to get to hear Brady describe the birth, the intensity of the experience, and his excitement for the future! I can’t wait to get to Asheville to see them all in person!!

After chatting with Brady, we put the hammer down to get into Bozeman early enough to find a bike shop with a replacement rear tire. I called Dave at the Outfitter again and he checked in with a friend at Ritchey who said that Bangtail was the shop of choice in Bozeman. Not only did they have a 700/28 Conti Ultra Gatorskin on the shelf, but they also happen to be the only Santana dealer between Spokane and Minnesota and north of Salt Lake City! Awesome. I taked with one of the guys there about the blowouts and he agreed the wire bead on the Vittorio was likely to blame on that one. He also indicated that underinflation oruneven seating of the bead can be th culprit as well. So, I also bought a digital tire pressure gage to be sure that we run at proper pressure from here on out. So our new setup is 28 Gatorskin on the back and 25 Gatorskin on the front. I feel good about it – Dave and the Bangtail guy agreed that the Vittoria was a substandard tire. It got us to Lolo, but we’re stylin’ now!

We stopped off to buy a bottle of wine to bring to Abbie’s place for dinner and noticed our freehub was hanging. Luckily, we are still near a good bike shop so we will try to get it replaced tomorrow. Now, we are about to have dinner and enjoy visiting Abbie and Bozeman.

2 thoughts on “Day 29: Tessa Kate!! — Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park, MT to Bozeman, MT – June 6

  1. Oy, what I’d do to be there! Say hi to Abbie for me and a big hug to all. By the time that bike rolls in to Madison, it’s not going to have any original parts besides the frame is it?

  2. Keep the Faith you both. MG is happy as long as the only thing you are replacing is bike parts. We don’t need either of you to have to replace any parts, one in the family is enough. Wishing you a wonderful trip in the mountains ahead. Keep peddling. MG

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