Day 43: Rest Day — Pierre, SD. June 20.

Daily miles – 2. Total miles – 2528.
Today was a typical rest day. We asked the hotel to allow a late checkout so we could do laundry, monkey with photos on the blog (thanks Keiko and Matt for posting the photos!), catch up on blogging a bit, eat, rest, get groceries, and generally not ride the bike.

We were successful in all areas! Chatted with a couple from Florida in an internet cafe. The husband has been doing a bunch of short rides throughout the west, including the tour of The Dakotas. Sounds like fun – these sponsored rides. Might have to try one! It was nice to talk about riding and bikes, and we all bonded on a love of a good piece of pie! Apparently, the RAGBRAI ride in Iowa is the ride for pies. Hmmmmm. Scheming already…

It was amazing to turn on the television and see a bunch of hoo hah about North Korea threatening to test long-range missiles. We were just talking, on the ride yesterday, about how Bush Co. neglect North Korea at potential peril and that it has fallen from the media radar. Coincidence it should be the big topic! Maybe tomorrow we should talk about how a couple from MN and WI, riding across country, were abducted by aliens who gave them superpowers!

Other than that, we went again to Zestos for tater tots, french fries, and ice cream sundaes. Yeah. Then back to La Minestra for a beer and fried calamari. Finally, to camp (on the river, in town) and made spanish rice. Another successful rest day with only a couple miles riding to move the bike to the campground. Fresh bums for tomorrow!!

P.s. I thought I was done with this posting, but reading it to Chandra, she pointed out that I neglected to report the flat tire we got while riding two miles… *SIGH* … Happy now?

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