Days 48-49: Resting at HOME! — St. Peter, MN. June 25 and 26

Daily miles – 0. Total miles – 2895.
Our homecoming and reunion in St. Peter was awesome! My mom looked great and was getting around really well considering she had her left knee replaced only on Monday last week! Grandma Hosea was visiting from Springfield, IL and she and dad were helping out mom and it was fun to generally hang out with everyone!

We really didn’t do much too active. We were exhausted and I think being home let us decompress a little. We napped, lounged, handled some “realworld” logistic, and enjoyed the chance to talk, look at pictures, and reflect a little on where we’ve been so far. We went out for brunch with Nordstroms and Robinsons which was great. We went to see my brother Joel play in a couple softball games (they won the first 27 – 4 and lost the second 26 – 3 or something…win some lose some?). We fixed mom’s bike rack so when her knee recovers she can ride to the store. We saw Joel and Tammy’s very new kittens. All in all, a mellow, relaxing time.

Chandra’s siter Keiko brought our niece Kaiya down from Minneapolis and Chandra’s folks Mark and Jo came by as well for lunch yesterday. It’s always fun to get our folks all together. Mom and Chandra and Grandma put together a lunch spread including a strawberry-rhubarb pie made by mom.

At the risk of this blog becoming totally hijacked by pie discussion, I have to put this pie in context. While the tri-berry pie in Idaho and Aunt SuzAnne’s strawberry-rhubarb pies were at the top of the list of the best we’ve found, I have to say mom’s edged them out for the best yet! Granted, there might be some nostalgia from my childhood, although Chandra is perfectly objective and neutral and gave it a rating of somewhere around kickass – perhaps rockin’ the house. It was a real treat, although secondary to the connections we got to make with people we love. It was really kind of a preview of what it will be like to pull into Madison. The end of such a journey, the associated re-entry into other life. For us, everything will be new so you could equally call in “entry.”

We accomplished what we needed in St. Peter. It remained surreal to be in such a familiar place have arrived under our own power. At the same time, that feeling of linking the familiarity of San Francisco home to Midwest home through the gradations of overland, human-powered, uncovered travel is exactly what we set out to explore. We will continue to assimilate it all in the coming months or perhaps years, but reenergized and ready for the victory lap, we rest soundly knowing we will make it.

On a side note, we want to thank everone who’s been making comments on the blog. Sorry we generally are not able to answer, but our time online and battery life are both limited. Nonetheless, it means alot to know people are actually reading and interested, and we enjoy hearing reactions. It makes us feel like we are accompanied and supported all along the way. Thanks y’all! A few more days of riding coming up!!

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