First Snowy Commute

So, it’s a Federal Holiday, MLK day, but I needed to take care of a few things at my office.  Besides, I needed to give the newly outfitted Pink Lady a shakedown cruise.  So, she performed pretty well.  I had a harder time though!  It was kinda cold, but more importantly, while the studded tires rock on ice, they are not quite all I hoped for on unplowed roads.  Where no cars have driven, it’s not too bad, but once you get onto car tracks in unplowed snow, it’s very slippery!  Managed to keep the shiny side up though…

The fenders, while lending a certain Amsterdam-esque flair and keeping the legs a little drier, got pretty beat up by the snow and slush.  I had to replace three bolts with zip-ties, and some of the zip ties even broke which takes some pretty serious stress!  It’s cool though…overall I’d say it’s a success, but the pictures show the amound of crappus that collects on the undercarriage.  I cleaned her off, but she’ll run much better once the roads are plowed and it stops snowing.


2 thoughts on “First Snowy Commute

  1. ha! i am the first talula correspondent of 2007! mike, you crazy bastard.
    studded bike tires? you are truly hard core. at least if you wipe out in that slush you might be lucky enough to land on a snowbank. glad to see you’ve got yourself some of those long shorts too.
    hey, i tried to call you guys to wish you happy holidays, but i just had the old #s, so thistle have to do.

    ps, i chanced upon a nytimes story on a town in montana, and it rang a bell. sure enough, you rode through it after the big beartooth pass summit. answer:
    red lodge

  2. I didn’t see the mongo cup holder for the coffee. Must have been a blurry shot. Are your legs up for riding in the cold?

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