Back in the Saddle

This has been the snowiest winter in written history for Madison, Wisconsin! Last year, I was dutiful in commuting on the pimped-out PinkLady for much of the winter, but this year I’ve been pretty lame. Lots of traveling, cold mornings, and tons of snow (almost 100 inches!) kept me on the bus and car.

But this week is the week we’ve been waiting for! The snow is melting fast with 40 degree sunny days, and a little rain combined with the melting snow means clean roads free of salt so trading in the fat, studded tires of PinkLady for the slick skinnies of the brown bomber! It’s about time! Today I took the north way around Lake Mendota. Total of 17 miles with an average speed of 17.4mph (yes, it’s more downhill than up, and yes, there was a little tailwind, and yes, my body mass helped on the downhill and my girth served as a descent sail for the tailwind. *SIGH*).

There’s really nothing like a long shadow with a rising moon and only ribbons of snow on the road shoulders (empty roads, that is).


So, I don’t even know if anyone looks at this blog anymore, but I’m going to start it up again. Life is different here, but it’s good too – lots going on. More so come soon!

Oh, and here’s a map of the ride! MapMyRide

2 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle

  1. Biking in 40 degree weather? I would never do such a thing. In fact, I’m still doing indoor training. That picture also looks nothing like me.

    But the more pressing question is, which one of us is the evil Michael?

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