Talula Ride Again!

The temparature inches its way up to 50 degrees yesterday which was enough for Chandra and I to finally get out on Talula the tandem!  The lakes are still frozen mostly, 27982783but the roads were clear and tons of people were out riding.  Chandra was noting that,even though it was still chilly, it’s amazing how many people in Madison get out riding!  You would expect the hardcore year-round bikers to be out, and teams fresh off a winter on the trainer hungry for some road time as soon as the snow is melted off the roads, but Chandra was noticing all kinds of people–families, kids, random folks–all out on their bikes.  It is pretty cool!

Here’s the route – the bike computer put it more like 42 miles, so I may not  have mapped it out quite right.  It was very windy for much of the ride, and we missed a turn that might have been a little bit better than MM on the way back.  But…it was so great to be out on the tandem!  The arboretum was gorgeous 2792  and cruising out through Paoli on the country roads was exactly what we needed.

We were happy 2795  and got home hungry and ready for a beer, chips, and a walnut burger at the Harmony Bar.  Earning the big eat is only part of the fun of a long ride, but totally is part of it!

I’m less sure about trying to break into the racing world on a single bike this summer, and much more enthusiastic to get crankin’ on Talula again.  She has spent way too much time in the garage after crossing the country from San Francisco.

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