I ordered two new shime from Mark Miyoshi a bit ago, and they arrived this weekend!  To many people, I suppose, this might not mean much of anything. But, I am pretty much speechless about the whole matter.

At some point, I will write more about what shime are, are for, and what I think about their role in kumidaiko.  But, for now, I just gotta drop a few photoz so y’all can see what I’m talking about.  You may think that crankin’ shime is something I only do for my old friends at San Jose Taiko when they are in the neighborhood on tour. But, because of these new aqcuisitions, I spent my entire weekend crankin’!

2852 2807

The shimes arrived at my office out in Middleton and I unpacked them in my office and just could not focus the rest of the day.  After 10 years of playing on Miyoshi shimes at SJT, it was like a family member was returning home after a long absence to see real shimes.  But at the same time, it’s a completely new experience for them to actually be my responsibility.  They are an organic thing – made from elements of nature, infused with spirit and tradition, both by the maker and through my connection to the culture and artform of taiko.  So cool.

In addition to crankin’ these guys, and getting the doh centered in the heads, trying to make the tension even, and all that, I also had to make stands!  I’m not much of a woodworker, so since my dad was in town, we worked on them together.  We didn’t exactly have the right tools, but I think we succeeded!


I misjudged the length needed on the crossmembers, so the stands are a bit narrow which could be disaster on a shakey stage.  But, with help from Chandra, I got them tied and they felt pretty solid when I played them!  Psyched….They sound SOOOO good!  Now I need to make more opportunities to play them!

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