Day 0 – Madison the night before.

Madison, Wisconsin USA.  Miles – 0.

Leaving is always a challenge of logistics, made all the more insane this time by a crazy week of work, trying to get things working that were not cooperating, and not leaving things quite as I would like.  It’s always that way, but nonetheless I always hope for a smoother transition.

I’m stoked to be heading out, but will miss my partner of the last big trip – the stokergirl herself.  She’ll arrive in Christchurch on 14 December and join me through the end, but until then, I’m on my own!  It will be me and the Kona Muni-Mula, pulling the BOB trailer.  I fly to Auckland tomorrow and, aftera a day of logistics, head out toward Rotorua and my journey through New Zealand! I will of course provide plenty more details of the travels once they start, so for now, I just try posting a YouTube video and finally get some sleep before a long long long long long long day of flying tomorrow.

Good times!

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