Day 0.75 – Auckland Logistics 6 km ridden

What an amazingly endless flight!  I finally arrived in Auckland, New Zealand around 0700 local time.  I’ve slept a couple hours since leaving Chicago with snow falling as we pushed back from the gate.

So today was the expected adventure of customs which is always enhanced by having a big bike.  New Zealand really takes biosecurity seriously – asking repeatedly not only if you are carrying fresh fruit, but also looking for dirt on shoes, soiled mountain bike tyres, and any components that could contaminate the agriculture here.  So, it was an odyssey, but everyone was really cool (very un-TSA of them!) and joking around and the whole process was pretty pleasant.

So I got to the Skyway Lodge which is totally the place to go if you are biking in NZ!  Scott, who runs the place with his wife, is very mellow and if you stay on your first and last nights here, he will let you store your bike box as long as you want for free!

The rest of the day was a random assemblage of free association linking the various things I needed to do.  Through the longhaul flight haze, I managed to ride to the bank and sort out my account, get a bus downtown, and hopefully pick up everything I need.  They label the stove fuel here as poison, so I guess there’s not confusion!

Most importantly for today, I managed to stay awake which means embracing the time zone.  So stoked to ride tomorrow.

One thing is for sure – seeing strawberries in the fields makes me know I’m not likely to get snowed on!

2 thoughts on “Day 0.75 – Auckland Logistics 6 km ridden

  1. Hey there Mike!!! Glad to know that you have arrived and are getting ready to roll on down the road. I am, of course, insanely jealous that you are already on the adventure . . . but it just means that you will have to have enough fun for the both of us, at least until I get there on the 15th!!! Till then, stoker-girl
    p.s., it snowed the day that you left!

  2. What the heck is this????!! I turn my back for a couple months and you go running off to NZ. And your lovely and intelligent wife is going too? What the heck? You do know this means you can never talk about coming to Lexington as being “too far away?” NZ is truly the other side of the world, and then some.

    So very jealous. Off to take the CFP exam for the third time tomorrow…. Yuck.

    Offerings to the weather gods tonight.


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