Day 4 – Reporoa and Taupo, Mountain Biking

24 km single track (well, 22 single track and 2 walking with a flat ?)
Today was a blissful day all around!  I woke up early and enjoyed a big bowl of milky white NZ-style coffee made by Brian out at the farm.  We exchanged more stories and he even wanted to see the slides from the big trip Chandra and I took together across the US.  Because of our shared experiences, it was a fun exchange as we could both relate to the experiences on the bike and got to share many stories throughout the process.
The morning was slow and mellow, eventually including breakfast with Sue and, around 1030 we loaded up to go ride the W2K ride in Taupo.  Brian and Sue’s friend Marty joined us there for 24 km of gorgeous new single track rising high above the lake with some totally stunning vistas and truly amazing trail construction.  It was a great way to spend the day without pushing too hard, but getting to check out yet more high quality singletrack!  Awesome!  The only bummer was flats, but I finally have realized that the tubes I picked up on sale in the US before leaving totally suck!  They are too flimsy to hold up to real loaded riding and this was the end of them.  As much of a buzzkill as that could have been under many circumstances, I really didn’t let it get to me too much and just enjoyed the day.
So far, I would have to say the biggest surprise of my visit to New Zealand has been the opportunity to meet Brian and Sue.  In addition to their hospitality (which was huge!) their generosity in showing me RotoVegas and W2K (which was extra fun!) and their advise for the rest of my tour around NZ (which I am implementing!), it was refreshing and fun to spend time with a couple that is clearly so stoked to be together.  They, like Chandra and I, are really focused on having shared experiences which, while it may not be the secret key to success, has been a huge source of fulfillment for me over the last 14 years.  The positivity, encouragment, and inspiration was a complete surprise and really very welcome.  Thanks Brian and Sue!
Appropriately, I also got to skype with Chandra.  The ability to see each other and talk without worrying about the time is really a luxury!  I don’t know if it makes me miss her more or not, but even if it does, the contact is worth it!
So, not really a rest day, but an excellent day in a beautiful little town of Taupo.

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