Day 5 – Rest Day/Meetings at GNS Science

The reason I was in Taupo was to visit GNS Science where I’ve made some contact previously and, since I was going to be in the area, we decided giving a talk and meeting some folks here could be mutually beneficial from a collaboration point of view.  It ended up being an exhausting day as such visits are, but also very productive.  It’s an impressive group working on interesting problems here and I certainly hope that there is a way for me to help and work with them in the future.
And, in the small world department, at my talk was Erin from Colorado School of Mines who I met at the NATO ASI in Czech Republic a few years ago.  It took us a while to figure out why we knew each other!  She and her husband have recently moved to Taupo and she is working at GNS.  She very kindly invited me to a dinner that was going on tonight at a Thai restaurant in town (thanks Erin!).  It was nice to have company at dinner time and meet some more folks working at GNS.
The only bummer of the day is, it was supposed to rain today and start to clear up over the next couple days.  It was gray but didn’t rain much, so we’ll see if the whole thing is just delayed (which could mean a very wet day tomorrow!).

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