Day 10 – WellingtonFrancisco with Sterling and Emi

0 km.

When I was thinking about moving to New Zealand a while back, I was talking to my friend Meg and mentioned that pictures of Wellington looked alot like San Francisco. She told me that Wellington IS San Francisco, just in the Southern hemisphere. So, I woke up early this morning and, following DeanO’s advice, ascended (“when in doubt, ascend!”) to get a view over the city. Every time I looked over my shoulder I saw a landscape that made me double-take and wonder if I was actually in San Francisco! Kind of surreal, actually.
I ran about handling some logistics, bike-related and otherwise, and ultimately met up with Sterling and Emi. Since Sterling and I lived together along with Chandra for years in San Francisco, hanging out with him and Emi there was all the more surreal!
I was quite tired but really enjoyed getting to connect with Sterling and Emi and, in good Miller/Fienen fashion, they can now claim at least part of their honeymoon was chaperoned!
Not much else really to say about Wellington. An urban landscape and quite beautiful at that, but I felt actually like a day there was enough to make me ready to move on to the south island and the new countryside there.
A big part of the logistics of the day was decided just how to spend the week between now and Queen Charlotte Track in a week. I think I’ve done that, so it’s off I go – unfortunately, I don’t get to bring my posse.

One thought on “Day 10 – WellingtonFrancisco with Sterling and Emi

  1. best pic of the blog- i thinks the combo of Mike’s Posse and the SLAP give you a little more ‘word on the street notice’ than the new helmet mirror.

    Great day with you bruddah-


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