Day 11 – Ferry to South Island, Wellington to Picton

today km traveled – alot!, but not via bike

The pictures below should be a solid indication of what I did with my day today! Basically, I took the boat across the Cook Strait to Picton on the South Island. The weather was really beautiful! Clear skies and smooth sailing (which is good since I sometimes get seasick!!). As I wheeled my bike on, I got chatting with a nice guy from the UK named Anthoni. He’s a landscaper so he works about half the year and spends much of the rest of the year riding. He’s planning a 2 – 1/2 year around the world bike trip with his maybe girlfriend. I told him the maybe or maybe not part would certainly be answered on such a journey!
The boat trip is really scenic coming through the sounds, and it still captured the main memories of the day, but there was a downside as well. When I arrived in Picton, I was pushing my bike and something was hung up on one of the wheels. It was really hard to figure out what it was, but as I give a push to free it I noticed a bolt go flying off. It turned out, this was the last bolt holding the disc-brake rotor onto the rear hub (!). Badness. For real. When the bolt flew off, it trashed its former home on the hub leaving me without a possibility to reinstall with new bolts.
This setback is definitely indicative of my mood and frame of mind as this trip progresses though. A week ago, I would have wigged out, been fired up, lost sleep (literally) and a whole host of overreaction. In this case, I was just thankful that the rims I have on this bike can accept V-brakes and the frame has mounts for such. The trouble is, no bike shop in Picton, and riding 114 km to Nelson (which was my plan) with only front brakes is out of the question.
So, I decided to change my trajectory and tomorrow ride to Blenheim and, hopefully, if I could fix the brakes soon enough, on to St. Arnaud. A long day, but I’m cautiously optimistic. So tonight, I treated myself to seared scallops and some Savignon Blanc on a sidewalk cafe. I met a German guy who works in Akaroa at the same place where Chandra’s co-worker is living for the summer. Small world, once again! As we sat at the cafe, Anthoni happened by as well, so we had a nice conversation, some good food, and the morning will bring what it does.

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