Days 25-26: Christchurch and Chandra Arrives!

So, Lee confirmed I could be insured on his car and then handed me the keys saying “keep left!” and, with directions to the airport, off I went to find Chandra. I must say, I’ve not been so excited about something in a long long time! I had really shifted my focus over the past few days to my meeting up with her and now, like a kid on Christmas morning, it was really going to happen! My cell phone rang and I heard my name over the PA all at the same time – somehow Chandra had passed me where I was waiting and I found her by the post office with her bags already and a smile on her face!

Besides being stoked about seeing each other and catching up, the goal of the day was to keep Chandra awake and entertained. So, we headed off to Sumner for killer fish and chips and coffee, then up to the Summit Road where I was mountain biking the day before to take in the views, have a little hike, and be psyched! Later in the evening, we made our way to Cath’s place in Lyttelton with a few friends and made burritos, had some local ber and wine, and around 10pm, while Chandra was still technically awake, it was certainly time to get the sleep groove going.

The next morning, we picked up Chandra’s rental bike and headed out to Lincoln Ventures (Cath’s workplace until the following day which was her last!) where I gave a talk and had lunch with some of the researchers out there. It was good to connect with folks in Canterbury and get a feel for the groundwater issues they are facing, as well as sharing my research with them. In the evening, Lee made a fabulous dinner of mussels with Champagne (yes, instead of white wine, we steamed the greenshell mussels in bubbly!) and we crashed out knowing in the morning would be the beginning of our riding together! So exciting!!

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