Day 1: Madison to Mirror Lake SP

62 miles

We got an early enough start this morning but it involved starting the packing regimine, doing laundry, mopping the kitchen, going to the store – all the stuff we should have done all week but when we’ve done a much longer trip this one we let preparations slide a bit. As the clock struck high noon and all our neighbors happened to be around to see us off in style we departed!


It was strange to ride what is usually my morning commute for 10 miles or so with the tandem loaded down. Wasn’t too long before the focus switched to the Merrimac Ferry and pondering which kind of ice cream would best follow a 3 pm lunch of sardines, sexy pumpernickel, and peanut butter with apples. Chandra opted for cookie dough whilst I rocked the moose tracks. Wisco-sized servings

The calories were needed and used before long as we rode the fully legit hill of bluff road into Baraboo. Probably a 10% uphill grade in spots. Three hearty and vocal cheers for gravity on the other side though!

A quick grocery run in Baraboo and then on to mirror lake. Back in the dells a second weekend in a row! Westie was right – a little highway noise but I feel confident that the ride + Chandra’s rad pesto + some hoppy love from Sierra Nevada will lead to fine sleeps tonight!


On the eve of my 40th birthday I could not imagine a better thing to be doing or a better companion for that doing! Blissed out!!


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