Day 4: Merrick State Park to Red Wing, MN

60 miles – 274 total miles

Today we awoke not as well rested as we might like from freight trains rolling through all night long. Not a big deal but we were a little tired starting out. But once we hit the road a gentle tail wind under cool cloudy skies made for fast and easy travel to the Nelson cheese shop by 11. Good time for ice cream! From there we crossed into Wabasha, MN to visit the Eagles Nest coffee shop. We go there annually on the super fun 3 speed tour. We planned to ride back into Wisconsin and up the eastern shore of Lake Pepin but heavy road construction meant once through was enough.

We missed Java Jim but had a nice break and departed Wabasha on familiar territory although usually when we are there we are wearing ties and dresses on old English steel bikes. Strange to cover the same ground so fast but in good English fashion it was raining! I got to try out my new rain gear (rocks!) and just enjoy a cool easy transfer up the road next to Lake Pepin.

The biggest realization for me today had more to do with a 3 or 4 mm adjustment to my saddle position. About 3,400 riding miles ago, outside Arcata, CA, on the first talulat ride, I noticed my hamstrings feeling too much strain. Having never ridden a road bike before and barely riding any loaded bike, I just figured it was part if the deal and pushed through it (gaman-suru style). Well today after so much more riding, with pain in my hamstrings getting annoying, I decided to try adjusting my saddle forward a couple mm. On the side of the highway, rain pouring down, with 7 miles to go on the day, I made the adjustment and like magic the pain was gone!! All those literally thousands of miles I suffered not knowing a mm or two was all that was necessary. Luckily we are in for the log haul!

We are tonight at the moondance inn b and b for two nights and a rest day tomorrow. Already bad a nice warm soaking bath and looking forward to a day off the bike to rejuvenate and hit it again in a couple of days!


2 thoughts on “Day 4: Merrick State Park to Red Wing, MN

  1. Hey Guys: Sounds like a great time. Any pie yet? Surely you can find some there in Red Wing!
    Judy and I went to the Russian Museum in Minneapolis today–great exhibit–looking forward to returning for their next exhibit (when we go to our first MN Orch concert).
    But we really wanted to just keep on trucking up to the North Shore–hard to wait. See you soon.

  2. We were inspired into making our own peach pie in honor of our friendship with you. Hope you find that pie soon…

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