Day 12 : End of the Road : Judge CR Magney state park, MN to the Canadian Border

27.5 miles : 662.5 miles total

Made it to the border!


Today was a short but beautiful ride from the nearly empty campground, along the final few miles of Lake Superior shoreline, up the gorgeous little mountain grade of Mt. Josephine, and then down her backside to the border. We made awesome time, averaging around 15 mph (climb included) but with the help of a lovely cool tailwind. Riding couldn’t have been any prettier.

But it could have been longer. Mike and I are both sad that the trip is over but it has been such a perfect trip that I can not be anything but blessed out and feeling blessed.

About a quarter to noon, the dads arrived (that would be Mike’s dad David and my dad Mark) pulling a newly customized trailer. For those who might try to transport a bike on a trailer, it can be tricky and we have learned a few lessons and now the trailer rig is styling! Dad customized the trailer so there are two supports that fit into square iron wells welded to the trailer frame. They can fit either across from left to right for transporting things like canoes, or from front to back so we can slide and support the bike between the two. He also added the plywood flooring to keep dirt from splattering all over the bike. Now with the new wheel supports (a couple of feet of one inch wooden rails nailed to the bottom plywood flooring a few inches apart in the front and back), we just rolled the bike in and then secured it with 40 feet of line (which til now, we have been using for our bear/rodent hangs). We have also found that static line (with towels wrapped around the frame between the frame and the rope to protect the bike from rope burn) works better than bungees because we can tension the bike tighter than the bungees hold it. A couple of middle men knots, trucker’s hitches and clove hitches, bowlines and tie offs (for some truly elegant rigging) and we were tight and ready to roll.

We rolled into Grand Marais for some lunch and are headed back to Judy and the cabin for the evening all together, before we part with David and Judy, and head back to Madison with my dad. It has been a great trip and it is great to have our folks (minus Jo) be part of our support team.


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