Day -1. Leaving in the morning!

It’s been a totally crazy few weeks both of trip preparations and also squaring away the rest of life and work so that we can go off the grid for three weeks. Nothing like a self-imposed deadline to force completion of things. But leaving work today I really felt like all is in good hands and we can totally focus on the things that matter in life. Like turning legs in forward oriented circles, seeking pie at every turn, obsessing over inclines, wind direction and clouds, and celebrating 20 years of adventure with a new installation!

I went to DC for a meeting this week and got stranded for an extra day due to stone which made the rest of the week a little frantic. Changed the tires on Talulat the tandem (starting out with fresh sparkly Gatorskins!) and went to adjust the front derailleur cable since the shifting had been a bit off. I realized the housing was trashed and a 5 minute adjustment turned into a little “project”. I think it’s dialed now. Then off to Monona for dinner and a massage (thanks Mama Jo!). Nice to see our folks for a send off and not mess up our kitchen. Then tonight we didn’t exactly “carbo load” but certainly “calorie loaded” at the Old Fashioned for beers and fish fry. Yes, we are departing from Wisconsin after all!


Totally looking forward to a 110 mile day to start off tomorrow. We debated last Sunday as we fought the gnarly headwind whether warmer southerly air with a headwind was better, or northern cold air at our backs. I think we settled on the latter, and that’s what we get tomorrow! Now I just hope I can actually sleep tonight. I know we will tomorrow – in northern Illinois. Until then …

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