Day – 1. The final push to get on the road

It always strikes me as how difficult it is to actually LEAVE . . . my to-do and shopping lists are three pages long, but I have diligently been striking through them.  Oh, there’s plenty that will remain undone (e.g., if someone wants to finish painting my garage, that would be awesome; and I could really use a haircut!)  But, I’m getting there . . . and here’s photographic proof.


Pretty cool that it all fits!  In fact, I have to decide whether we want to ditch the paniers altogether.



But now . . . and this is important, I must go meet Mike for a final high calorie Wisconsin Friday Night Fish Fry dinner (and beer) before we head out tomorrow morning’s 110 mile ride south down the Badger trail to Sterling (the town, not my brother!).

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