Day 12: Tupelo, MS rest day #2 — 0 miles, 972 miles total

Today was our second rest day of the trip, and just shy of 1,000 miles in 11 days, we were cooked and needed the break! We woke up in our hotel room, left the bike safely against the wall, and slowly made our way out to explore Tupelo a bit.

IMG_4574Tupelo is the birthplace of Elvis Presley. Apparently, he went into this local hardware store asking his mother to buy him a rifle. She refused, favoring a guitar. I guess that made some difference to rock-n-roll history….

IMG_2112We walked through a nice neighborhood to a grocery store to load up on staples for the next session of riding and had lunch/coffee at a nice local cafe. The owner asked which of us was the big Elvis fan bringing us to Tupelo. I must have looked a little confused because he said “Oh, I’m just messing with you” and asked where we are from. We talked a bit about riding the Trace and then we moved on, noting the Elvis-inspired public art.


In all we probably walked about 5 miles so after lunch we chilled at the hotel, Chandra fixed my therm-a-rest pad with a patch, and we generally relaxed trying to do as little as possible.


Finally, to not walk more, we took a cab out for mediocre mexican dinner and saw some of the area impacted by a massive tornado in April. Before going out for dinner, we got to wish our niece Geneva a happy 4th birthday in Tokyo as she is celebrating with Chandra’s sister Keiko and her kids. Technology is cool!


Now we are watching the final game of the World Series (go Gigantes!)  and contemplating whether we will make it past 9:30 PM. Tomorrow is only 75 miles on the Trace with a predicted tailwind, so we will pack in the morning, make a leisurely start, and look forward to the final 6-day push of this journey!


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  1. We too are mostly having a rest day in Japan. A leisurely day to celebrate Geneva…no sightseeing today. And while the girls take their afternoon naps, we watched game 7 via slingbox (Technology is cool!!). Then, a yaki-nikku dinner and special Aunt-Nieces and Uncle-nephew bonding at the onsen (I’m taking Elise duty at home)!

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