Day -3: The Route: Madison, WI to New Orleans, LA

Okay . . . we are back for another adventure!  In 2006, we biked from San Francisco, CA to Madison, WI.  Then, in 2011, we took a quick spin from Madison to the Canadian border.  This time, we’ll be taking the silver tandem, Talulat, from Madison to New Orleans to celebrate our 20th anniversary. (I know, crazy, we’ve been married for 2 decades!)  Neither of us have ever been to New Orleans before, and it is a LONG way to bike for some beignets, but we figure that if we bike there, we can eat whatever we want when we arrive!  We will be leaving this Saturday, October 18th and blogging as we ride (assuming that we have time to write, since some of these days are long, while the days in October are shorter than they are in the summer).

For those that are interested in the route, here it is: Madison, WI to New Orleans, LA.

1,274 miles, 20,800 ft up and 19,961 down in total. 

One thought on “Day -3: The Route: Madison, WI to New Orleans, LA

  1. Even if I’m just driving/riding to meet you in NOLA, can I still eat whatever I want once we get there?

    We will be following your progress and checking in from Japan. (Day -1 for us!) See you on the flip side of both of these travel adventures!

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