Day 5: Hanging with the Freiman-Shimabukuros, St. Louis, MO, 0 miles, 407 miles total

Ah, the first glorious rest day, and we get to spend it with my cousin Julie, her husband Mark and their adorable little boy, Hudson!

A Warm WelcomSince it was a school day, we were under strict Hudson orders to get all our shopping-laundry-bike repair chores done before he returned home from school and piano practice, so that we would have enough time to play!  So, that is what we did.  Chores, in the morning, and then, when Hudson got home, we played backyard baseball.

Hudson #2 at bat

Hudson #2 at bat

Hudson Throwing His Curveball

Hudson Throwing His Curveball

The game was close, but in the end, Hudson’s team with the assist from invisible base runners and a double home run beat out the visiting team.

We clammered into Mark and Julie’s Honda Fit (I mention only because it was their purchase of a Fit that made Mike and I consider the Fit when we were car shopping.  We all love the car that is little on the outside and big on the inside!), and headed to pick up my cousin, who works at Wash U.




We ate at a great local pizza place called pi (as in 3.14), which despite not being in Chicago, is apparently a favorite of President Obama’s.  We tried out everything–deep dish, thin crust, even their gluten-free option (well, okay, Mark was the only one who (not by choice) had the gluten-free).


Pi Pizzeria in St. Louis, MO

Again, under Hudson’s strict orders, we left some room for dessert.  After eating, we walked, danced, raced up the street to Fro-Yo, where we filled our cartons with yummy frozen yogurt and toppings.

But the day wasn’t yet over.  Due to student teacher conferences, Hudson would be off school for the remainder of the week, which meant that we could stay up and watch Game 2 of the World Series.  Hudson is a serious Royals fan (since no Cardinals fan would root for the team that knocked the Cardinals out of the playoffs), and the Royals were down 1-0 even with the home town advantage.  But, he put on his rally cap, and BOOM! within the inning, the Royals were up and would stay up, winning Game 2 and tying the series!  That’s a pretty powerful rally cap!

Even though Mike’s a Giants fan, we would have to say that today was a PERFECT rest day.  Special thanks to Julie, Mark and especially, HUDSON!!!




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