Michael Fienen*, Jian Luo and Peter Kitanidis
Environmental Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Stanford University
*Corresponding Author: fienen [at] stanford [dot] edu
ComCZAR:Complex Capture Zone Analysis Routine

This website presents an implementation in MATLAB of an analytical, two-dimensional, anisotropic capture zone delineation tool called ComCZAR. Example files are also included. ComCZAR was created by Mike Fienen and Jian Luo, from Peter Kitanidis' research group in the Environmental Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, at Stanford University. This model is available without warranty or guarantee for public use. If you do make use of this model, refer to the following reference:
Fienen, M. N.,J. Luo, P. K. Kitanidis (2005). Semi-Analytical, Homogeneous, Anisotropic Capture Zone Delineation. Journal of Hydrology. 312(1-4): 39-50. doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2005.02.008.

Program Codes:
ComCZAR_RK4.m (4th Order Runge-Kutta Version)
ComCZAR_SL.m (Streamline_Version - uses MATLAB streamline functions and is a little faster)
Example Parameter Files:

The program currently runs as a MATLAB function and requires MATLAB to run. A stand-alone executable for any Windows-based machine will be forthcoming. Also available for download are several parameter files which correspond to example cases used in the paper.