NOLA! (2014)

Okay . . .  the big silver bike is on the road again.  This time, we are taking her from Madison, WI to New Orleans, LA!   The 1,457 mile route will take us 18 days, average mileage of 91 miles per day (not counting the two rest days).  YIKES!  Let’s hope we survive and make it alive to New Orleans, where we plan to gorge ourselves silly!!!

Follow along and join the adventure!

Day -1: The Final Push To Get On The Road.
Day 0: Leaving In The Morning.
Day 1: Departure Day — Madison, WI to Sterling, IL, 112 miles, 112 miles total.
Day 2: Overcoming Adversity — Sterling IL to Alta, IL, 84 miles, 196 miles total.
Day 3: Cruising Toward Family — Alta, IL to Springfield, IL, 95 miles, 291 miles total.
Day 4: Special Guest Post from our Senior Trail Vegetation Correspondent: Armchair Analyst Man
Day 4: Those Prayers Are Working — Springfield, IL to St. Louis, MO, 116 miles, 407 total.
Day 5: Hanging with the Freimans, St. Louis, 0 miles, 407 miles total
Day 6: Back in The Saddle — St. Louis, MO to Murphysboro, IL, 104 miles, 511 miles total
Day 7: Tailwind and Trucks — Murphysboro, IL to Cave in Rock, IL, 94 miles, 605 miles total
Day 8: Southern Parkway Riding — Cave in Rock, IL to Dover, TN, 103 miles, 718 miles total
Day 9: Those Tennessee Hills — Dover, TN to Shady Grove, TN, 96.6 miles, 814 miles total
Day 10: The Natchez Trace — Shady Grove, TN to Colbert Ferry, AL, 84 miles, 898 miles total
Day 11: Riding Towards Rest — Colbert Ferry, AL to Tupelo, MN, 84 miles, 983 miles total
Day 12: Rest Day #2 — Tupelo, MS, 0 miles, 983 miles total
Day 13: Easing Back In — Tupelo, MS to Jeff Busby Campground, MS, 71 miles, 1,043 miles total
Day 14: yomigaeri (rebirth) — Jeff Busby Campground, Ackerman, MS to Jackson, MS, 101 miles, 1,144 total
Day 15: Tandems on Tours — LeFleur Park, Jackson, MS to Natchez State Park, MS, 97 miles, 1,241 miles total
Day 16: End of the Trace — Natchez State Park, MS to Jackson, LA, 80 miles, 1,321 total
Day 17: Lousianians are NICE!!! — Perry & Lep’s Veloshack in Jackson to Fountaine Bleu State Park, LA, 97 miles, 1,418 miles total
Day 18: NEW ORLEANS, LA!!! “Finish in good style, mate”, 65 miles, 1,483 total
Days 18-21: Rendezvous Party in NOLA, unknown calories consumed, unknown total kcal.
Post Script: Some Day is Today

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