You’re doing what!?!? (2006)

So…why this website? What’s going on?

Chandra and m!ke have decided that 11 years in the Bay Area was enough to accomplish our goals and it’s time to head back to the Great Lakes. We’re selling the house in San Francisco and moving to Madison, Wisconsin! but, getting on a plane and sending a truck full of possessions is no way to get there!

Instead, we are riding Talula – our Santana Tandem we picked up in Los Altos, CA at the Bicycle Outfitter!!


We are towing a B.O.B. trailer and riding north to Portland, then east to Lolo and Bozeman, Montana, crossing the Absorokas and Bighorns, then the Dakotas to m!ke’s hometown of St. Peter, Minnesota. Finally, we will cross the mighty Mississippi into Wisconsin, ending in Madison, Chandra’s hometown and our future home!

Dispatches will be updated as often as possible in the blog, and we’ll post maps and instructions for sending treats to general delivery here and there :). For now, signing off.

Note: When we updated the website, the links to the pictures were somehow broken.  We’ll be working to fix this, but it might take some time.

Day -1: Last Post from Home — San Francisco, CA
Day 1: Crossing the Golden Gate — San Francisco to Santa Rosa, 72 miles, 72 miles total
Day 2: Getting Moving — Santa Rosa to Cloverdale, 42 miles, 114 miles total
Day 3: Becoming Characters — Cloverdale to McKerricher State Beach (Fort Bragg), 88 miles, 202 miles total
Day 4: Learning to be Gentle — Fort Bragg, CA to Richardson Memorial Grove, CA, 57 miles, 259 miles total
Day 5: Mike Fienen Needs This Bad! — Richardson Memorial Grove, CA to Arcata, CA, 96 miles 355 miles total
Day 6: REST DAY — Arcata, CA to Patrick’s Point, CA, 27 miles, 382 miles total
Day 7: Leaving California — Patrick’s Point, CA to Harris Beach, OR, 87 miles, 469 miles total

Day 8: The Wind — Harris Beach, Brookings, OR to Bullards Beach, Bandon, OR, 87 miles, 557 miles total
Day 9: Scary Bridge — Bullard Beach, Bandon OR to Jessie Honeyman Memoral State Park, Florence, OR, 75 miles. 632 miles total
Day 10: Head-Sized Burritos for Breakfast — Jessie Honeyman State Beach, Florence, OR to Devil’s Lake Park, Lincoln City, OR, 88 miles, 720 miles total
Day 11: The Phoenix — Lincoln City, OR to Salem OR, 60 miles, 780 miles total
Day 12: Rest Day & Extravagant Cakes — Salem, OR, 0 miles, 780 miles total 
Day 13: Staying with Mich — Salem, OR to Portland, OR, 67 miles, 847 miles total
Day 14: Rest Day in Portland — Portland, OR, 0 miles, 847 miles total

Day 15: Getting Rained On — Portland OR to Horsethief State Park, WA, 100 miles, 947 miles total
Day 16: We Have A Village — Horse Thief Lake State Park, WA to Hermiston, OR, 106 miles, 1,053 miles total
Day 17: Green Monochrome Waves — Hermiston, OR to Lewis and Clark Trail State Park, near Dayton, WA, 85 miles,  1,138 miles total

Day 18: The Wine In Idaho — Lewis and Clark Trail State Park, Dayton, WA to Lewiston, ID, 82 miles, 1,220 miles total
Day 19: Baseball Instead Of Biking — Rest Day in Lewiston, ID, 0 miles, 1,300 miles total
Day 20: Can’t Catch the Rain — Lewiston, ID to Kooskia, ID, 0 miles, 1,300 miles total
Day 21: The Lochsa River — Kooskia, ID to Powell, ID, 90 miles, 1,390 miles total

Day 22: Vacation Time! — Powell, ID to Lolo, MT, 47 miles, 1,437 miles total
Days 23-26: Vacation at Dunrovin Ranch, 47 miles, 1,437 miles total
Day 27: Threading the Needle — Lolo, MT to Flint Creek Campground, Porters Corner, MT, 100 miles, 1,537 miles total
Day 28: Mountains!! — Flint Creek Campground, Porters Corner, MT to Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park, Cardwell, MT, 96 miles, 1,633 miles total
Day 29: Tessa Kate!! — Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park, MT to Bozeman, MT, 56 miles, 1,689 miles total
Days 30-31: Reconnecting Along The Way — Bozeman, MT, 0 miles, 1,689 miles total
Day 32: Going for it! — Bozeman, MT to Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park, WY, 89 miles, 1778 miles total
Day 33: Yellowstone! — Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park, WY to Cooke City, MT, 54 miles, 1832 miles total
Day 34: Beartooth Pass — Cooke City, MT to Belfry, MT, 85 miles, 1917 miles total

Day 35: The “Flat” Ride Between The Mountains — Sneak Camp, Belfry, MT to Five Springs Canyon, WY, 84 miles, 2001 miles total
Day 36: Crossing the Bighorn Mountains — Five Springs Canyon Campground, WY to Sheridan, WY, 80 miles, 2081 miles total
Day 37: Rest Day — Best Western, Sheridan, WY, 0 miles, 2081 miles total
Day 38: Into the Wind — Sheridan, WY to Gillette, WY,104 miles, 2186 miles total
Day 39: Working on our Tans — Gillette, WY to Devil’s Tower, WY, 64 miles, 2250 miles total

South Dakota
Day 40: An Angel Named Mike — Devil’s Tower, WY to Bear Butte State Park, Sturgis, SD, 97 miles, 2,347 miles total
Day 41: There’s nothing, then there’s NOTHING — Bear Butte State Park, Sturgis, SD to T-34 Truck Stop, near Billsburg, SD, 108 miles, 2455 miles total
Day 42: Western South Dakota is NOT Flat — T-34 Truckstop Near Billsburg, SD to Pierre, SD, 71 miles, 2526 miles total
Day 43: Zestos & Rest Day — Pierre, SD, 2 miles, 2528 miles total
Day 44: The longest day on the longest day — Pierre, SD to Huron, SD, 123 miles, 2651 miles total
Day 45: East Meets West in De Smet — Huron, SD to Brookings, SD, 80 miles, 2731 miles total

Day 46: Minnesota!!! — Brookings, SD to Springfield, MN, 100 miles, 2831 miles total
Day 47: Homecoming! — Springfield, MN to St. Peter, MN, 64 miles, 2895 miles total
Days 48-49: Resting at HOME! — St. Peter, MN, 0 miles, 2895 miles total
Day 50: On the Road Again — St. Peter, MN to Zumbro Falls, MN, 92 miles, 2987 miles total

Day 51: Across the Mississippi River — Zumbro Falls, MN to Perrot State Park, Trempeleau, WI, 80 miles, 3067 miles total
Day 52: Trails on the Final Stretch — Perrot State Park, Trempealeau, WI to Reedsburg, WI, 116 miles, 3183 miles total
Day 53: Mike’s Post: The End is the Beginning — Reedsburg, WI to MADISON, WI, 75 miles, 3258 miles total
Day 53: Chandra’s Post: The End is the Beginning — Reedsburg, WI to MADISON, WI, 75 miles, 3258 miles total

Mike’s Epilogue – Northwest Airlines Flight from Minneapolis to San Francisco

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